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The Grille's Executive Chef, Brian McPherson has been cooking in restaurant kitchens since he was 15. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, McPherson has a breadth of experience in various restaurants along the East coast, from a Martha's Vineyard seafood tavern, to farm-to-table southern inspired cooking at Four Square Restaurant in Durham, NC, run by chef Shane Ingram, an Emeril Lagasse protégé.

It was during his four year stint at Poste Moderne Brasserie in DC under celebrated chef Rob Weland, that McPherson gained a greater appreciation for sustainable food. After joining The Grille in January 2012, McPherson continues to entrench himself into the Old Town community and build on relationships with Alexandria Farmers' Markets and local farmers, bringing traditional French-inspired cuisine to his guests.

  • Q: What Special Award/Recognition are you most proud of?
  • A: Slow Foods Snail of Approval
  • Q: Who is your culinary mentor?
  • A: Paul Krause
  • Q: What is your single favorite ingredient?
  • A: Fresh farm Egg
  • Q: Who would you most like to cook for?
  • A: Local small farmers
  • Q: What is your favorite cookbook?
  • A: White Heat
  • Q: Name a career highlight.
  • A: Working in a Chef Garden!
  • Q: Any other facts you'd like to share?
  • A: Hats off to "The Kitchen Brigade." I'm nothing without my staff in the kitchen.
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