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Step into Alexandria with a stay at Morrison House, a boutique Kimpton Hotel

Morrison House: An Alexandria Boutique Hotel with a Story

Each Kimpton Hotel has a distinct personality and a soul of its own – a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, art, history, food, and architecture to name a few. Each unique story promises you adventure, inspiration and delightful surprises while offering the familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

The story of Morrison House is Literature.

Morrison House is a boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. This is an area rich with legend and history. It's a place that encourages visitors to reflect on the stories and historical significance of what lies before them. One wonders who once lived in the charming historic row houses and what lives unfolded in the exquisite buildings noted for their Georgian architecture. Likewise, literature asks us to pause and reflect on the stories of the characters therein and even of the author.

Morrison House serves as the perfect civilized retreat for literary pursuits in contrast to the intensity and fast pace of nearby Washington DC. Our Alexandria boutique hotel provides the attentive staff, period furniture, soothing colors, and many cozy nooks needed to create an escape conducive to relaxation and reading. The Library is an inviting room designed to host those with a passion for books and literature.

We invite you to curl up with a good book and enjoy your stay at Morrison House, a Kimpton Hotel in Alexandria. We hope it's only one of your many chapters with us.

Morrison House Short Story Contest
Below are the three winners of the Morrison House Short Story Contest: